EYFS for NQTs/Teachers/LSAs new or returning to YR

This course will provide a basic introduction to all key aspects of the EYFS, with a particular focus upon the role of the adult, enabling environments and unique child.

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The Sky's the Limit

This course examines how the adult can facilitate challenge through effective interactions and a high-quality enabling environment.

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Foundation Stage Leader

This course is aimed at developing key leadership and management aspects of the role, including creating a vision, developing an effective team, gap analysis and the environment, self- evaluation, monitoring and reporting and Ofsted.

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Mixing it up - Taking the EYFS principles into Y1 and Mixed YR/1 classes

This course will help you understand how to continue the EYFS key principles and approaches which underpin good practice into Y1 and mixed YR/1 classes

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Subject Leaders Core Modules

This course will ensure that subject leaders have a clear and secure understanding of child development and curriculum progression in literacy, mathematics or science in the EYFS and towards Y1
Please access this course first, before moving on the specific subject area section on the site.
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Fit to Write’ – Physical Development course

This course explores the physicality of writing. Discover how physical play supports children on their journey to becoming confident writers. 

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Ahoy there! Navigating the reading journey

This course will explore the many elements which go together to help children to not only read, but to do so with understanding and enjoyment.
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All Aboard Training (Inclusion in Reception)

This course is designed for Yr R teachers to explore ways to make the Reception class more inclusive. Book via the Learning Zone

Speech and Language training

For Speech and Language Training and support - click here. 
New online bitesize training available see below 
  • Supporting Speech Sounds
  • Supporting Attention and Listening
  • Top tips for adult child interaction
  • Developing a Communication Friendly Environments: A bitesize introduction
  • Talking Spaces: A bitesize introduction to den building