Developing Play in the Early Years

This half day AET Module will help you to develop knowledge of how to support children with social communication needs to develop their play skills. The training will support adults to understand how the three areas of difference impact on the development of play skills and to work together to remove barriers and make reasonable adjustments to help the child develop play skills.


Developing Toileting in the Early Years

This half day AET Module will help you to understand how social communication needs can impact on children developing independent toileting skills. 
The training will support adults to work together to remove barriers and make reasonable adjustments to support toileting independence.


Stress Free Target Setting

Do you find setting targets stressful or complicated? 
  • What are the purpose of targets?
  • How do targets fit into the Graduated Approach?
  • What do you need to know before setting targets?
  • How to plan a target
  • How to record a target
  • How to review a target
The short E-learning will leave you feeling confident about setting appropriate targets for the children with SEND in your setting!
Cost: £18.00


Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. It supports the development of essential communication skills such as attention and listening, comprehension, memory, recall and organisation of language and expression.

Introduction to Inclusion eLearning - Centrally Funded

This is an interactive e-Learning aimed at all Early Years practitioners. It covers the role of the SENCo, the importance of early identification and gives an overview of the SEND Code of Practice.
Suitable for individual or team delivery.
Duration – 30-45 minutes.’

Language Boxes

This in house training will enable you to leading (or planning to lead) language box sessions for children with a speech and language delay. In addition to the training, you will also have access to video examples, guidance and monitoring tools needed to run the group. 

To book a place click here 

Understanding Children’s Behaviour: Supporting Their Social and Emotional Development

Understanding Children's Behaviour: Supporting their Social and Emotional Development is an updated, two-part course supporting you to analyse and identify communicative function and underlying factors of a child’s behaviour. There will be a focus on the adult role in responding to and shaping behaviour, through proactive strategies, including creating behaviour plans.

Delegates must attend both sessions or sessions can be purchased separately, for in-house training

Early Years Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (EY ELSA)

The EY ELSA Training supports practitioners to develop an understanding of the importance of emotional literacy. It equips them with the skills to enable children to begin to understand and manage their emotions so that they become more emotionally resilient.

Please email for further information about the EY ELSA course.

Portage Workshop

Portage Workshop - A Small Steps Approach to Learning for Children with SEND. 
This is a certificated training course delivered by National Portage Association Accredited Trainers. The Portage Workshop is an introduction to the Portage Approach to working with children with additional needs and their families. 
Autumn 22  & Spring 23 dates - book now!

Play, Chat, Interact!

Play, Chat & Interact Play Chat Interact focusses on the impact of Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) moving from early childhood, and into education.

Making Sense of Autism in the Early Years

This is a half day training is aimed at those new to supporting children with social communication difficulties and for early years support staff who do not directly work with children but need to understand the differences when communicating with a child with social communication needs. 


Good Autism Practice in the Early Years

This full day training is spread over two half day sessions and aimed at all practitioners working with children with social communication difficulties. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of the different needs of the children and strategies to support them to access all areas of your Early years provision. 


Understanding Autism & Anxiety in the Early Years

This half day AET Module will give practitioners an understanding of what we mean by anxiety, how it appears in young children with social communication needs, what the triggers are and what you can do to support the children in your setting.