Welcome to the Early Years Education (EYE) Funding section

Early Years Education Funding Approval

This guidance and support can be accessed for the purpose of registering to become approved to deliver the Early Years Education (EYE) funding in Hampshire and for new managers that need to understand and comply with the EYE Payment Funding terms and conditions.

Provider Portal Tutorials

This section provides tutorials about each aspect of the provider portal including making a headcount claim, running eligibility code checks, completing disadvantaged 2 year old applications and keeping your details up to date on the Family Information and Services Hub.

Early Years Pupil Premium

 This section will provide you with ideas, resources and case studies on how the additional funding can be used. 

Headcount Information

This tile contains guidance and materials to support with making a successful headcount claim, including webinar presentations, podcasts and FAQs.

FISH and SEND Local Offer

This tile provides access to information to help providers navigate through the process of creating and publishing a SEND Local Offer as well as updating your setting’s service information through the Hampshire Family Information and Services Hub (FISH)